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vrHive Features

A quick overview of some of the key features available today
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Client/Server Network Connectivity

vrHive has been designed to work in a client/server capacity, so you don’t have to run a 2nd or 4th screen on the rig you’re running pCars. But of course if you want to then we’ll support that, or both a spare screen and client connectivity scenarios if you so wish.

Connect a client and instantly get the same API data feed over the local network or even over the internet

*Firewall rules permitting 😉

Telemetry Data Logging

Choose to save the fruits of your tarmac (asphalt for some) pounding and review your best lap against previous laps. Tune your car and see what impact that has on the timings, and pinpoint where you gained, or lost.

Share your best laps with friends for bragging rights, or with the community to help others understand how you deliver an alien lap time!

Gauge Management Per Car

Define how the gauges scaling is displayed for each car. Define the optimal temperature ranges for tyres, brakes, oil and water gauges. Define where the RPM start point is. Why bother showing RPMs below 3,000? Then start the gauge there and define the optimal rev range to help you change when you should be.

Feature Preview

Get a sneak peak into what's coming along in future versions of vrHive. As I'm getting closer to a release ready feature I'll update this section to show the new shiny goodies, that you can't use yet; how cruel is that?

Windows Phone 8.1 & Windows Store (RT) Support

I am part way through developing a Windows Phone and Windows Store version of a client so you can view live data on these devices. The core of the code is in and working, including the network connectivity. I decided that it would be simpler to manage the dash displays from the main vrHive application and send these to the remote device. I’m now part way through implementing a Dash Creator element to the main application that will allow for this. It will also provide dash creation capabilities for the main vrHive application dashes, which is a long overdue capability I’ve been thinking about for some time.

I’ve put together a quick video to show you part of this working: