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This is where I’ll blog about all of the progress, give insight into what’s new and coming soon…

October 2015

dev update #2

October 20th, 2015|

I forgot I had a blog element to the site (doh!), so I’ve not been updating this side of things.

The version I was working on to completely rewrite the back-end and get it out into the wild was finished a few months back (Start of July). A couple of minor updates post this date and I’m now working on the next release version.

The plan this time around is to put in a basic pit stop planner element, that will keep you informed on […]

May 2015

dev update #1

May 11th, 2015|

I’m currently developing as fast as I can to create a new version that incorporates some of the new features, but more importantly fixes a lot of the issues I’ve experienced with the old version.

Although visually, this new version won’t change a lot, it has been improved massively under the covers. We now write to a database to store the session information and back off the actual telemetry data to a binary file to save space.

I’m about 90% of the way […]