I forgot I had a blog element to the site (doh!), so I’ve not been updating this side of things.

The version I was working on to completely rewrite the back-end and get it out into the wild was finished a few months back (Start of July). A couple of minor updates post this date and I’m now working on the next release version.

The plan this time around is to put in a basic pit stop planner element, that will keep you informed on your strategy as you’re racing. I’m working with another member of the community on this, as I’m rather mathematically challenged. I’m also hoping to implement the dash editing controls. This would allow you to define your own dash layouts and apply them depending on some basic rules, i.e. In a TT event use “xyz” dash, in a Race event then use “123” dash instead. This feature needs to be in-place before I can release the Windows Phone version, as it will depend on the main vrHive app for the dash layouts.

As some will have noticed there is a thread┬árunning that’s talking about the implementation of a UDP data stream from consoles! As soon as the info drops on this, then I’ll be looking to make vrHive support this.

Any questions or ideas then please drop me a note in the main forum page


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