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Who are we?

Well we is actually an I. I’m known as MikeyTT in the pCars forums (plus most other forums TBH too).

I’m not a developer by trade, but I do work in the IT industry. I’m a consultant for a large services company. I started my career in development, but that was back in the old green screen days for those of you young enough to remember all of that.

Why am I doing this?

Well that’s a good question. When the API was released in pCars I thought I’d have a look and it would be a great excuse to get back into development as a bit of a hobby. The first app I developed was just a single screen view of the data the API presented. It was alright, but I wan’t happy with it. So I redeveloped it and so started down this path. Now it offers far more than just displayed some data, there is a full telemetry logging side to the application.

What do you know about racing?

I have a TR7V8, which I raced in the Triumph Championship in the UK, while it was running and now I race in the Future Classics series. Although I’ve not been out on track in a few years.

When I bought the car I stripped it back to the bare metal and started a full rebuild of it, including replacing the 2ltr engine for a full on 3.9 V8. Many tweaks and upgrades have been install over the years and it’s a fairly potent beat now with roughly 300bhp at the rear wheels now.

If you are interested I have a sister site that I put together which details a lot more on the car: www.tr7v8.com